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The shipping industry safely and stably transports a large volume of cargo across the natural wonders of the oceans and plays a very important role in supporting people’s lifelines and livelihoods.
Since its foundation in 1911, Meiji Shipping Group has been supporting those livelihoods and lifelines whilst steadily and proactively expanding its businesses. Through our ownership of a large variety of ocean-going vessels and thanks to our ship management, we expanded into overseas markets from an early stage and are actively working to solidify shipping business from a global perspective.
Although the maritime shipping industry tends to be volatile, we have been able to stabilize our management by expanding our portfolio into hotel related businesses, as well as nursery school and nursing home businesses in Japan.
Our business spirit is to generate earnings from a long-term stable standpoint rather than grasping at short-term profits.
We will continue our work to conserve the environment as well as contribute to society through our shipping and other businesses.