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Meiji Shipping Group
From 1911, our company has remained steadfast in its active expansion of business.
After the first oil crisis in 1973, the shipping industry underwent worldwide stagnation. This, coupled with the rise in shipbuilding costs, gradually lowered the international competitiveness of Japan's maritime industry.
In order to rebound, we focused combined employer-employee efforts on establishing a solid foundation for company growth and technological development. Owing to this, Meiji Shipping has always been at the helm of the industry.
None of our success, however, would have been attainable without the long-term trust of our clients.
We stand poised to expand our presence in the foreign market in hopes of redefining marine transport as it is known today throughout the world.
Registered Head office 32 Akashi-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe city, Hyogo-pref. 650-0037
Tokyo Main Office Shin-SURFEEL Nakameguro Bldg., 1-18-11 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051 MAP
Business Maritime Business, Hotel Business, Other Business(Real Estate Leasing Business, Other Business)
Established May 1911
Capital JPY 1,800,000,000
Stock Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange's Standard Market

Our key policy encompasses the moral and ethical issues like safety of human life, protecting the environment and others, and this shows the efforts in commitment and dedication of our staff to any of their tasks.

The following 6 key policies are held among all the staffs worldwide in our group as a common spirit.

  • Perform safely, act righteously, do with the heart
  • Environment before profit
  • Respect history but always look towards the future
  • Quick decisions, faster actions, higher efficiency
  • Choose performance over appearance
  • Harvest is always ahead

Meiji Shipping Group Compliance Policy and Precepts

We, all directors and employees of the Group, would achieve following objectives through the Compliance System.

1.Sound, Transparent Management and Contribution to the Society:
We will acquire trust of the society by lawful business activities with recognition of corporate social responsibilities and are to appropriately disclose our corporate information to shareholders, business partners and employees to assure the transparency of our management. We will contribute to the domestic and international society through our business activities.

2.Promotion of Compliance System:
We will promote and fortify Compliance System in complying with all national/international laws and regulations, company rules and social norms. We will also try to form and keep our workplace in an open atmosphere. We will prohibit any act of power/sexual and any other harassment. To prevent any harassment/illegal/ fraudulent act, we will make sure everyone in the group is aware of Whistleblowing System.

3.Respect for Human Rights:
We will respect human rights and abolish any discrimination against any racial/gender segregation, person’s origin, beliefs, religion, or any mental and physical disorder to establish a diversified, safe, comfortable, and healthy work environment. We will prohibit any act/words to impair any person’s dignity. We aim to establish a work environment full of liberal atmospheres with respecting for the originality of employees.

4.Entertainment, Gifts and Social Relation:
We will never offer/receive any entertainment, gift, contributions to/from any government officials or any person in public that are priced more than general courtesy. We will never make political contributions against the Public Funds Control Law and Public Office Election Law. We will distance ourselves from any anti-social individuals and/or organization that may threaten public order and safety.

5.Compliance to Antitrust and Other Business-Related Law:
We will promote fair and transparent free competition and prohibit any unfair acts like cartels and/or rigging and strictly comply with antitrust and other business-related law. We will also comply with all Foreign Exchange and Trade Acts as well as other related legislation in any overseas trading.

6.Active Commitment for Environment, Safety and Health:
We will endeavor to preserve our natural resources by complying with all related environmental protection laws and legislation and at the same time to endeavor to form a safe and healthy workplace by complying with all the labor related laws and company regulations.

27 October 2023
Takaya Uchida
President, CEO / Meiji Shipping Group Co., Ltd.